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The piano is a Niendorf upright grand, more than 70 years old but timeless in its elegant simple design. Steel framed and over-strung and with the extra octave of a conventional grand piano, itís rich notes could grace any concert hall.

I remember it as a child with my mother sitting accompanying my father as he played violin. They were both good musicians and loved their music. At the age of 8 years, I was given piano lessons, but alas, talent eluded me. Sheet music took on the appearance of some strange language that I would never master, if I made it through a simple piece of music without a mistake it was a minor miracle. Eventually my unhappy parents gave up on me.

Many years later when they retired, the piano went with them to their new home in Cornwall where their musical talent was warmly welcomed. 22 years passed by and Mother died at the age of 87.
The piano now stood slightly forlorn in my fathers lounge, perhaps a sad little reminder to him of happier times.

He soon became unable to look after the cozy little bungalow where they had enjoyed their retirement and moved into a sheltered flat near me. No room for the piano, so it was given to my eldest daughter who remained in Cornwall. She in turn decided to move back to London and her new flat could not accommodate the piano. Distraught,

she phoned me asking what should be done with it.

I phoned my younger daughter in Hertfordshire asking if she would like it, I hated the idea of it moving out of the family. She said yes she would love to have it, and arrangements were made for it to be transported nearly 400 miles to her house.

Father died shortly after this, happy at least that the piano had found a good home and was still with the family.

With a small legacy left to her by my father, she had the piano completely overhauled, refinished and tuned and it now stood proudly once more in all itís elegance in her home.

Soon, Becky, her daughter was taking lessons, then Grace the youngest as well. The talent of my mother and father had obviously surfaced two generations later, both the great-grandchildren had outstanding ability. Judge for yourselves, listen to them play.

My one regret was that father was not there to here them as you can, I know the sound of the family piano being played with great feeling and talent by his great-granddaughters would have brought tears to his eyes......

The Piano story