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Jenny’s page

This page is dedicated to Jenny, Becky and Grace’s older sister, she is a cheerful and happy child, well actually a teenager now. Jenny was born with Down Syndrome but my daughter and her husband took this in their stride and devoted themselves to giving her a normal childhood. Where it was necessary, my daughter fought hard to make sure that Jenny had a normal mainstream education. This was not as easy as you might think. Thanks to the policy of schools being in league tables, there is always a certain amount of prejudice against children who might not make good grades. The outcome of all this is

that Jenny reads well to the standard of an 8 year old, she is remarkably computer literate, and spends hours on her own computer. This has proved to be an excellent way of augmenting her education, there are many learning programs available, and my daughter uses many of them to help Jenny.

I have included links to DownsED, a charitable organization that promotes the development of Downs children, also my daughter’s Email link, she says she would be happy to offer advice.