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Free! - Atomic Clock Sync utility

Our freeware Atomic Clock Sync utility can help you keep your local computer up-to-date with the exact current time.

This program will reference an atomic clock server to get the current time with the greatest accuracy available and update your PC's information. It can even be set to automatically check the time once a day to keep your PC's time accurate forever. Best of all, you can download and use this utility at no cost to you!

No spyware! No ad banners! No cost! No questions asked! So why do we do give Atomic Clock Sync away as freeware? Simply to encourage you to use and return to World Time for the current time in places other than where you live!

  download Atomic Clock Sync 2.6 via       

freeware atomic clock sync utility(this free utility requires Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98, 95 or NT 4)

Atomic Clock Sync is provided free of charge by
click here to go to World Time for current times around the world

About this utility

This program will connect to one of the time servers operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, and will compare the time of your computer with the time on the servers operated by the NIST. This program will then display the difference between your system and the servers and if greater than 15 seconds, it will offer you the option of adjusting your PC by the displayed amount.

The overall uncertainty in this comparison should be no worse than +/- 5 seconds under all circumstances and will be substantially less than this value in most cases.

This utility is provided free of charge, so please feel free to share it, redistribute it, and use it any way you wish, provided you do not alter the program in any way.

Version 2.5 offers new options to have Atomic Clock Sync start automatically when Windows boots up and to have it start minimized to the system tray.

Some users were having trouble connecting to a functioning time server and were getting an error regarding "not an integer", which has been corrected in the current version.

Understanding the Display

The main screen displays Current UTC, which is the current Universal Time Coordinated that all locations base their time on. This is also sometimes referred to as Greenwich Mean Time or Zulu Time.

Currently In shows whether your local pc's time zone setting claims you are currently observing Daylight Time or Standard Time.

Standard Time Zone Name with Date and Bias and Daylight Time Zone Name, Date and Bias show your local computer's current time zone rules. These rules come from Windows and are set when you select a particular Time Zone in your Date/Time settings.

Unadjusted UTC Bias shows how many hours your local time zone is offset from the current time in UTC.

Date & Time of Last Successful Ping allows you to see how recently ACS checked with a server to compare times with your local clock.

Please note that your actual current time is not shown in ACS, only your System Settings. Your current time should always be available to you in the lower right corner of Windows in the System Tray.

Answers to common problems

  1. Unable to connect to Internet error with LAN, DSL or Cable modems
  2. My local computer time is not correct after using ACS
  3. The program freezes when I try to get the correct time


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